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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

More Evolution Debate : Why is this a debate?

The theory of Evolution is exactly that, a theory. To truly prove Darwin's theory would literally require eons of scientific observation, and seeing how Darwin's ideas have only been around for about 150 years, we seem to have a long way to go. Most of the world has moved on. It was hoped by many that science and religion would stay at least 500 feet from one another, and that has been the case for the most part in the last century or so, with a few hiccups here and there..

Gone are the days of legal fiascos like the Scopes Monkey Trial, an effort to get the theory of evolution banned from schools in Tennessee in the 1920's. Most in the western world would like to think those days are behind us. But the growing tide of religiosity in the United States, particularly of the Christian Evangelical variety has reopened old arguments, of science versus religion, biology versus theology, Darwinism versus Creationism.

Creationism is also a theory, it holds with the Bible's view of the origin of life as we know it. That is, that the Judeo-Christian God, created the Earth in 7 days, created Adam in his own image and Eve from his rib, and so on. When weighed against actual empirical evidence, the theory doesn't stack up too well, but as with all things religious it requires a leap of faith. Lacking current evidence for many elements of Darwin's Theory of Evolution, scientists too must take a leap of faith, but unlike their Evangelical counterparts do not infer Divinity in the absence of fact.

Armed with their faith, Evangelical Christians, in the United States particularly, have made Creationism a doctrine, and veiled it under the name of : Intelligent Design. Conservative Think-tanks and advocacy groups in the United States are preaching Intelligent Design as fact, using PR firms to propagandize their "science", challenging the long held Theory of Evolution as invalid, the very basis of the modern science of biology, which has in more ways than can be mentioned changed the world we live in for the better.

I'll respect a man's faith, I'll respect his right to an opinion. Though I may not agree with Evangelical Christians or so called Intelligent Design advocates, I'll let them say what they want to say. However, when matters of religion and state intermix, as they are increasingly doing in the United States and religious views are forced on individuals, and potential scientific facts are withheld, that's when I take issue. Take Kansas, surely to diminish the role of evolution plays in the origin of life when it comes to teaching children, is to strengthen the Intelligent Design Argument. If they truly want to equalize the arguments, and expose the their school children to a wide array of viewpoints when it comes to the origin of life; why not educated them about the stork bringing newborn babes home, or John Smith's treatise that all life is descended from cheese. Why not teach your damn kids something that has a scientific basis in reality? Instead they're choosing to force Christian views on the whole of society, which to me borders on Theocracy... But hey that's just me.

Many others have put it more eloquently than I, and frankly the fact that this debate even exists anymore is mind-boggling to me, enraging me to no end. But hey, I'm not religious, and am firmly based in the scientific interpretation of the world around me. To each his own, just don't cram your views down my kids throat. I am so very glad I am not a citizen/resident of the United States, I don't have to, and will not have to deal with this ridiculousness.

In short, Professor Richard Dawkins is my new hero. He's considered the worlds foremost Darwinist.

Please check out the following:

To hear an interesting "debate" between Professor Dawkins and George Gilder, a leading advocate of Intelligent Design check out this On Point Radio interview.

Charles Krauthammer also wrote an interesting article in Time Magazine last week. Coming from a fairly right-wing guy this is quite refreshing.

And for further info on some of these Conservative Think Tanks and Advocacy Groups, who are the main proponents of Intelligent Design, check out this New York Times article on the subject. (Thanks for the link Dad)

That's all for that little snit.

Just so you know, when Jesus isn't busy doing whatever it is he does, he sometimes makes personal appearances. Not to be out done by his mother Mary, who has appeared on windows and under Chicago overpasses, Jesus has shown up quite a bit lately. It seems the American infatuations with good eats and good religion have finally come to a head. First it was the Jesus Grilled Cheese Sandwich and now it's the Jesus Perogi.

A Michigan housewife was making perogies on Palm Sunday 2005 and the J man decided to make an appearance on one of the said perogies. Now like any good Christian, the woman decided she would try and make a quick buck off ol' J.C. so naturally the said perogi is now available on eBay, opening bid $500 US. Take a gander at the Jesus Perogi. Perogies happen to be one of my favourite foods, so I would invariably eat the Jesus perogi. "Dear lord... I know I should eat thee... But... mmmmmm..."


Vaya con Ciencia.

- Will


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