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Monday, August 25, 2003

Meet Jeff Bezos. Entrepeneur, Innovator, One of the richest men in America.... and giddy, hormone fueled thirteen year old boy.

I wuv you Anna !

This my friends is the man who brought us, pictured here in "sexpot shock" with the always lovely Anna Kournikova. You see they're going into business together. Yes that's right, the buxom blonde Russian tennis player and the googly-eyed "Queen of the Nerds" American are getting into the sports bra business. What strange bed-fellows you say ? Anna would agree, but our nerdy friend here would only be too happy to get in bed with her. Can you blame him though?

Seriously though, is this the first beautiful woman he's ever seen ? I mean... good god man... ogle her in the privacy of your mind... and close your god damned mouth... ya rich bastard.

You won this round Bezos ! I admit I do envy your success, and the fact that you're staring like a goof at Anna K. But please Mr. Bezos... for all our sakes keep it in your pants.

I'm sure I was trying to go somewhere with this... but I've lost my train of thought. SO... without further ado may I present Anna Kournikova in a sports bra.

Jeff Bezos Presents: Anna K in a Sports Bra.

" 'Round here folks call me Dubya.... HOOYAH !" - George W. Bush

I'm Gone.


Friday, August 22, 2003

Movies like this make me want to vomit in terror. Who the fuck came up with this ? I've seen enough shitty movies in my lifetime to spot one a mile away... and this my friends is with out a doubt a bad movie.

Writer/Director. "Hey I have a great idea for a movie. Tara Reid and Ashton Kutcher in a 'Something About Mary'esqe' romantic comedy... and lets throw in an old guy just for the hell of it... say Terrence Stamp... and oh what the hell while we're at it lets throw in the least talented member of SNL ever Molly Shannon."

Studio Exec. "BOO YEAH ! I smell a hit."

These are the kinds of people who should be summarily shot.

Admittedly, Tara Reid is hot. And women seem to dig that 70's show dude. But they are the two most talentless "actors" in the world. You can't base a movie on a lame premise and put attractive people in it... and expect people to love it. Or maybe you can ?

Entertainment companies are just cramming shit down our throats. Yet, no one seems to care.

I give up... I really don't want to waste any more of my valuable time talking trash about trash.

And like that... He's gone.


Thursday, August 21, 2003
"Bring 'Em On ! Take 'Em Down ! Bring 'Em Take !"

QUOTE OF THE DAY:"The pen is mightier than the sword... but you must always keep a sword handy." -That crazy dude from Bowling for Columbine

LINK OF THE DAY: Something Awful

My Skin Is Burning

Golf is fun. You're outside, chilling with your buddies. Truly the sport of kings... or at least princes. One word of advice though, put sunscreen on... especially when the UV Index is like 10 or something. So yeah incase you hadn't guessed I went golfing yesterday, first time in a year or so. Got off to a rough start, but my game improved by the 15th hole... too little, too late.

How about that power outage ?! Crazy shit. And that's all I have to say about that.

You'd think that having the house to yourself for 10 days would be sweet... being 19 years old I thought so too.
Boy, was I wrong... It's so god damned boring it's unbelievable. I'm working or doing something out of the house most of my waking hours... but it's the times when I'm in the house that kill me. There's only so much time you can spend watching tv, or being on the computer or playing games etc. Must get an indoor hobby hehe.

I just watched this trailer about 3 times in a row. Have a good time.
Matrix Revolutions Trailer

And like that... He's Gone.


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