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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Van City pics and a Doings a Transpirin'

Make all our trumpets speak; give them all breath,
Those clamorous harbingers of blood and death.

Finally got the pictures from my little Westerly adventure a few months back. My dad just never got around to burning them onto a CD until a few days ago. Vancouver is a great city, I lived there when I was younger, and do appreciate its charms... I'd live there if I didn't like Toronto so much.

Great view from the hotel. Unbelievable weather, warm and clear every day.

Brothers looking badass at the Stanley Park lookout.

Inside the giant hollow tree in Stanley Park.

Whistler Village, shortly after arrival.

Chilling at the chalet after a long day of skiing.

My showboating brother Evan, meeting me at the top of Blackcomb.

View from the edge of Couloir Extreme, literally an icy chute filled with rocks at the top of Blackcomb. You fall and you're guaranteed to break something or die. Evan was crazy enough to ski it.

Will, Dad and Evan enjoying the view from the Blackcomb.

The trip would have been better had I not got a cold the day we arrived, but I still got three solid days of skiing in, and got to enjoy Van City for a few days.
All together a very fun way to spend reading week for myself and the fams, sure as hell beats reading. If only Ontario had real mountains, oh well, we have the lake... ewww.

Bubbles is the man.

Ivan Reitman is producing a Trailer Park Boys Movie! Should be interesting, foul mouthed, criminal hosers seem like they'd be too much for the United States though. Oh well, only time will tell.

I'm such a closet Star Wars geek, though my family would dispute that fact the way I've been anticipating Episode III. I bought my tickets for the 12:01 am showing of Revenge of the Sith yesterday. Everything I've seen from the movie has impressed the hell out of me... Georgie boy may just have hit the nail on the head for this one. In the mean time feel free to nerd it up a notch by watching the Revenge of the Sith music video
'A Hero Falls'. I've already spoiled myself silly, but I can't wait to see this movie... Only 18 days until Darth Vader is back.

May is a good month. The new episode of Family Guy aired tonight, that show is as good as ever. Evil monkey, upsidedown face kid, Creepy old man, Greased up deaf guy! How can you go wrong? And in other news, The Simpsons celebrated their 350th episode with yet another craptacular episode... Please... let the show die!

Check out The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie if you get the chance. Though some liberties were taken with the story, it is a fairly faithful adaptation, and a lot of fun.

Now I just have to wait until 6 am for ROSI to come back up so I can see if my marks are there.

Vaya con dios.

- Will


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