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Friday, April 08, 2005
Is man one of God's blunders? Or is God one of man's blunders?
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Academic Analysis of Star Wars and other mono-myths. Far too interesting.

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There's husbandry in heaven;
Their candles are all out.

Set phasers to virgin!

Oh Commander Data... I mean Brent Spiner, the Trekkies love you so much.
Am I the only one that takes issue with a huge continuity problem in the Star Trek movies? Why the hell does Data get older and fatter?

Don't pull this "Data is played by an actor and actors age just like real people" crap on me! Massive continuity blunder, they should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe it was just bloating and stress caused by the android equivalent of PMS. I don't know people, just throwing that out there. This entry has started off way too nerdy for my tastes, on to other matters.

Well it appears the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan for the Liberal Party of Canada. The previously banned testimony of one Jean Brault, a Quebec advertising executive and Liberal Party supporter is now available... Well everywhere. A publication ban can only keep the dirt under wraps for so long... And now that the ban has been lifted, all of Canada gets to hear about the dirty politics the Grits have been playing. Money laundering, under the table donations, hundreds of millions of dollars in personal favours for political gain... Fun times. Perhaps the little guy from Shawinagin and Co. Were not always the nice guys I was lead to believe.

I'm no political analyst or pundit, but I do know a shit storm when I see one. For always entertaining, albeit slightly biased coverage of this story check out Stephen Taylor's site. I'd link you to a Liberal blog just to balance it out, but they haven't said much about these indefensible allegations yet. But enough politicking.

In regards to blogs in general I have come to a conclusion. Unless you provide a service to people, they aren't going to read it. Whether it's providing useful or interesting information to people, pointing them hilarious links, or whatever; it has to be worth their time. I'm going to limit the personal stuff unless I deem it important enough to share. It's not that I don't want to discuss my personal life, but if I really needed an outlet for that kind of thing I'd get a live journal and whine about my life. Thankfully I don't have that inclination like so many others.

I'm going to go for a half and half approach, so that each visitor can garner what they will from this site. Partially, this is to prevent creative stagnation, and also to set some guidelines for what this site is.

And what this site IS? Hell if I know.

- Will


Though it IS a continuity problem, I still think it's fantastic that Data gets older a fatter. It's my sense of humor--that sort of thing really tickles my funny bone....

By Blogger Chris, at Tuesday, 07 August, 2007  

Actually, it is not a continuity error. I believe it is stated in the episode "Inheritance," Data is in fact programmed to age, so that he may be more human like he wishes to be.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thursday, 24 January, 2013  

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