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Friday, April 22, 2005

24-isms and The End of School... For now.

You have too much respect upon the world:
They lose it that do buy it with much care.

The FOX series 24 has got to be the best hour of TV around these days. This action packed fourth season has made it one of my favourite shows this year. The show has now been on television long enough to develop certain common themes and occurrences ... 24-isms if you will. So here I present the top 10 24-isms.

10. Tony Almeida cannot go an episode without unenthusiastically doing some assigned duty.

"Ugh... Fine I'll get right on it."

9. Any rookie CTU agent that accompanies Jack Bauer into the field is guaranteed to be shot within the first 5 minutes of the operation. Think red shirts from Star Trek.

8. A season must not pass without a guest appearance by everyone's favourite lesbian-assassin-with-a-penchant-for-nudity : Mandy.

Mandy must kill/wound/or otherwise injure someone in the course of the episode.

7. CTU must employ at least one Asian man, on the condition that he has the most un-Asian of names possible.

Tom Baker is apparently a common Korean name.

6. As a function of their job, CTU employees must always suspect, backstab and undercut one another to protect national security.

5. Every episode Chloe O'Brian must interrupt a poignant character moment with some bit of information to move forward the plot of the show.

"I hate to interrupt this important moment in your relationship, but I think I found something worth looking at."

4. Being Head of CTU during a 24 hour crisis usually ends badly for that person. Whether it be the loss of a child, being sent to prison for treason, or heroically dying in a nuclear blast, it's a tough job.

3. Torture repeatedly proves that it is easiest way to get a question answered.
Agent Richards is always on call with his small silver brief case, ready to interrogate a mole, suspected terrorist or fellow CTU employee. Richards really loves his job.

2. Jack Bauer can do anything he wants. Constitution?! ... pfft. When the Jack Bauer trademark rage is turned on, terrorists better watch out.

Jack Bauer will never go an episode without yelling one or all of the following things, often while pointing a gun at some poor schlub : "GET DOWN!!!", "WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR!?!?", "WHERE IS *Insert name of Terrorist Mastermind* !?!?!", or "DROP THE GUN!!!"

1. Love triangles will never be allowed to interfere with the operation of Government, Law Enforcement or Counter-Terrorism

Bill Buchanan, Michelle Dessler and Tony Almeida

Terri Bauer, Jack Bauer and Nina Myers

Jack Bauer, Audrey Raines and Paul Raines

Wayne Palmer, Julia Milliken and Alan "Ow My Heart!" Milliken

Chase Edmunds, Kim Bauer and the Mountain Lion


I'm sure there are many more 24-isms, suggestions anyone?

Well school is over. I aced my exams(Allah willing) and now the job search begins. Such a good feeling being finished, my backpack weighed a ton but a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Word of advice if you go to U of T... Bring your books back on time. If I'd known I would have been charged $34 DOLLARS! I would have brought the damn books back on time. DAMN YOU ROBARTS!!! *SHAKES FIST*

Paul Martin is funny. You know you're screwed when instead of responding to allegations of corruption you take the opportunity to take a shot at the opposition. The NDP, Conservatives, Bloc and the rest of Canada just want a straight answer Mr. Dithers!

Million Dollarized
- Will


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