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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
CHRIS'S QUOTE OF THE DAY : "Yeah, you dont usually see that kindof behaviour from an appliance" - Bill Murray - Ghostbusters

CHRIS'S SONG OF THE DAY : Scotty Doesn't Know - Lustra

CHRIS'S LINK OF THE DAY : Maple Leafs in the Hizouse.

Awake, awake, English nobility!
Let not sloth dim your horrors new-begot.

Well, I did it, I hit the big show, after countless hours of trying to keep an interesting blog of my own... And failing, I finally get to guest on a significantly better blog.

Thumbs up. Why? SHUT UP!

Anyways, I recently discovered that the Eco-Challenge, one of the biggest and definitely most well known of expedition races was cancelled this year. The reason, the creator/organizer/producer Mark Burnett, was apparently too busy with other projects, namely the Apprentice. Now the Apprentice is by no means a bad show, I occasionally watch it from time to time, but this holds nothing against Eco-challenge. I look forward to this race every year, have been watching since the race series began.

Everyone always says to me that this is simply another "reality" television show. I find this statement totally wrong, this is simply sports coverage of a sports event. The fact that Eco-challenge is filmed in a exciting and at times "realityish" way, may have something to do with these comments and the fact that the sport of Expedition/Adventure racing is somewhat unknown around the world. This is a great multi-talent sport, involving hiking, navigating, paddling, biking etc.. With the top competitors usually finishing the races within 4 days without sleep.

I think this sport will grow and prosper, hell I may even compete someday..However, that will most likely be the last time you ever see me, but what a way to go. Anyways, i look forward to next years race, which I've heard will be somewhere in South Africa, I'm sure it will be one great race as always, and hope to see Team New Zealand win again.

I couldn't leave without commenting on Kill Bill Volume II being released this Friday. This looks like an awesome film, just as Volume I was. Knowing Tarantino, it will be as good as ever.

Anyways, thanks for reading my ramblings, I had as much fun writing this blog as you could potentially get from reading it.

Thanks Will for the opportunity, and everyone in the words of Bob Barker,

"Help control the pet population, have your pets spayed and neutered!"


This is Chris signing off

And Will signing on.

Sad thing about Eco Challenge. It wasn't "reality'd" up a notch until after Survivor. Before that it was covered like any other sports event, no added drama etc. Kill Bill Volume II should be entertaining.

If anyone else wants to do a guest blog, by all means ask me.

Yes I am lazy.

- Will


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