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Monday, March 08, 2004
QUOTE OF THE DAY : "Hard work has a future payoff. Laziness pays off now."

SONG OF THE DAY : The Strokes - Reptilia

LINK OF THE DAY : Adam has a blog. God help us all.

One fire burns out another's burning,
One pain is lessen'd by another's anguish.


Normally I take 2 buses to school. Today however I took the subway. What an odd day I had.

On my way to Centennial this morning I was confronted by the mullet squad. I'd been sitting on the subway minding my own business when we pulled into Victoria Park station. Four guys straight out of the early 1980's got on the subway. This mulleted crew sported jean and leather jackets, and two of them even had thosewispyy moustaches. On top of that they were all hosers. They spoke like Canadian country bumpkins... Albertans if you will.... TAKE THAT ALBERTA ! Truly frightening.

Then I went to class. Nothing exciting happened.

Back on the TTC, I had resigned myself to looking at the floor of the subway. Normally I look around the subway car, trying in vain like everyone else to avoid eye contact at all costs. Today was different.

"Hey Boss! How are ya?" A kindly looking old man said to me from across the way.

"Uhhh... good. You?" I sheepishly replied.
With nearly every seat on the train taken, my participation in this conversation was a fait accompli.

"I'm wonderful, you know what program I enjoy? Touched by an Angel. It's on that channel 9...The Christian television channel. It's a good program." He then gave a spirited expose on the greatness of a particular episode that caught his fancy, and gave me a detailed description of Della Reese's many hijinks.

Of course, I despise Touched by an Angel, but he was a kindly old man, I wasn't going to say "I hate that god damn show." So I smiled and nodded, inserting 'cool' and 'ya' here and there.

Luckily a beautiful woman came to my rescue. Well sort of. This incredibly attractive girl around my age sat down next to me, she must have been a model because she had legs for miles and a face that could friendly the evilest of evils.

Anyways, the elderly chap continued his exposition, all the while incredibly distracted by the attractive girl. He even began talking to her, by that point it was about some cooking show that helped you lose weight. The conversation continued into last weeks church sermon... which then invariably evolved back into Touched by an Angel. He sure loved that show.

During all this model girl, henceforth known as Drop-Dead-Gorgeous; were exchanging glances. Saying with our eyes "What is this guy talking about?" All the while smiling and nodding at the elderly gentleman.

"Well this is my stop. Good talking to you!" I proclaimed as the train pulled into Main Street station.

"Yes you too Boss. Remember to have a look at that program I was telling you about." He replied.

"I will. Take care."

As I got up to leave the train I gave Drop-Dead-Gorgeous a smirk that said 'Thank god I'm outta here.'
She returned my smirk with an exasperated smile that said 'Don't leave me here!'

I should have stayed on the train and talked to her some more, but alas I had to get home and write this harrowing tale of mullets, subway ambush, a gorgeous girl and geriatrics gone awry.

*Smacks forehead* Why didn't I stay on that train?

- Will


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