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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
QUOTE OF THE DAY : "Some people are like Slinkies... Not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs."

SONG OF THE DAY : Gustav Holst - Mars Bringer of War

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The gates of mercy shall be all shut up,
And the flesh'd soldier, rough and hard of heart,
In liberty of bloody hand shall range
With conscience wide as hell.

A Dream : Warrior's End

Why was I here? Two armies were arrayed across the valley, only a rain soaked plain separated them.
What's going to happen now? Standing rank and file with thousands of other soldiers, a man stood alone.
Who are those people? Looking across the field, the man watched the opposing force make ready for battle.

Fear was in the air. The man knew a great battle was about to take place. Mars would have his war, much blood would be spilled, his own included. He knew this, and had resigned himself to his fate. Officers barked orders, the armoured masses hastened to comply. It was futile of course, but a superior would just as soon kill an insubordinate conscript as he would the enemy.

Looking around, the man saw the faces of his fellow conscripts. Fear, Anger, Hatred, desperation, Confusion, Sadness. The man didn't know these people. Yet here they were, on the verge of a battle they could not escape. United in their fate. The man was not alone anymore, he saw himself in the faces of these strangers.

The rabble would fight because they had to, not because they wanted to. Unaware of, or incapable of fathoming the reasons that brought them to this rainy valley.

Someone was shouting. The rain continued as the sky began to rain fire aswell. Dirt and body parts flew as men were torn asunder. Several men on horseback rode down the lines shouting something at the men. They could not hear what was said. Stunned by the explosions around them the men did not know what to do.

Phobos and Deimos had arrived. Confused and terrified, trapped by their own commanders the men could only stand and stare in awe. A massive line of cavalry and infantry surged towards them like a tidal wave, growing louder and looming larger with every second.

The man stood his ground as others around him began to flee and were struck down by his superiors. The wave drew closer. The ground erupted near the man, tearing a compatriot in half and throwing the man to the ground. The wave crashed upon the conscripts, leaving only dead in its path. A deafening thunder of hooves engulfed the man. He lay in a daze on the now blood soaked plain as absolute carnage ensued.

The enemy had slaughtered the conscript army with such ferocity that none stood after the first charge. The man was unconscious.

Time passed. The man awoke. He was trapped, it was dark and he could not breath. Reaching for the sky the man's hand rose from beneath a pile of bodies. Pinned underneath the bodies of fellow conscripts, he was alone.

After struggling to release himself from his man-made tomb, the man checked his surroundings. What he saw next was not meant for mortal eyes. No one man was a whole. Body parts scattered on the ground like sand on a beach. He could not step without stepping on a piece of a man. This scene surrounded him for almost a kilometre.

After walking a short distance on this path of blood and offal, he collapsed. Sickened and horrified by the situation he found himself in. At the same time... He was glad. Glad he was not part of this gruesome highway. He had survived, free from service since the man he served was now probably dead. Free to return to his simple life of penury, back home.

Looking up, the man saw some figures in the distance. Fellow survivors the man thought. He jumped up and ran towards them.

They did not look like foes to the man. As he approached one of the figures raised a strange metal tube. He saw a flash and heard a loud bang. An invisible arrow tore through him and he fell to the ground. The man stared up into the sky. He could not speak, as the figures approached him.
He could not breath, the sky was turning as red as the ground.
One of the figures pointed the strange metal tube at his head.
A flash of light and burst of noise.

What is this strange contraption?
I survived the battle.
What's going to happen?
I'm going home.
Why did this have to happen?

That was a dream I just had. Scared the shit out of me.




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