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Friday, November 14, 2003
QUOTE OF THE DAY : "Where's Quasimoto?" - I exclaimed as Notre Dame Cathedral came into view

SONG OF THE DAY : Sloan - Rest of my life

LINK OF THE DAY : Zatoichi Trailer

I am constant as the northern star,
Of whose true-fix'd and resting qualities
There is no fellow in the firmament

Me and Gavin Ward my friend from Toronto in front of the historic Westminster Abbey Coffee Club.

Paris... Paris. I don't know how I feel about Paris. At least it's internet cafe's have North American keyboards. Thank god for that hehe.

I got here last night. I'm staying at a pretty cool hostel call Le D'Artagnan. Met some cool people there, and we went touring around the city today. Quite a crew we were. A Canadian, A Romanian, A Malaysian, and an Australian. And I was the only one among us who spoke any French. Good times. We started off the day by going to Notre Dame Cathedral. Then we just started walking aimlessly. At some point we decided to split up. I then proceeded to walk aimlessly around the city for about 7 hours. I wasn't lost... I just didn't know where I was.

Good way to experience a city I think. Screw maps, screw asking for directions. Just pick a street and walk down it... then pick another. You can find some cool places that way I've found.

After 7 hours of walking I had to take a break. I literally couldn't will myself to walk any further. I found my self sitting on a bench in Bastille Square. So I just chilled there for a while.

To my surprise I discovered that the movie theatre across the street from where I was sitting was playing Zatoichi. Zatoichi was my favorite movie at the Toronto film fest. I didn't think I would be able to see it again until it came out on DVD. But low and behold, there it was. Apparently it's been released in theatres all over France. So this was a great opportunity. I could rest my feet while watching the coolest Samurai flick made in years. Twas a good day.

Yesterday I visited the grave of a cousin of mine who was killed in World War II. I'm the first one in my family to visit his grave and it was quite a moving experience. To see someone that you're related to who was killed in the war really brings it home. I put a Canadian Flag and two poppies in front of his headstone. The guy died 40 years before I was born, but he's family and I had to honour his memory. He was just 23 when he was killed, and after only a month in Combat in Operation Overlord. I'll be 20 in 2 days, that really gives me some perspective on this I suppose.

Anyways this internet cafe is a rip-off, so I must get out of here.

Take it easy everyone.



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