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Thursday, November 20, 2003
QUOTE OF THE DAY : "There are only two things in this world I hate: People who are intolerant of other cultures.... And the Dutch." -Michael Caine as Nigel Powers

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Thus sometimes hath the brightest day a cloud;
And after summer evermore succeeds
Barren winter, with his wrathful nipping cold:
So cares and joys abound, as seasons fleet.

Hmmm... No comments from my last post. And yet 50 people have visited the site since I last posted. The way I see it, my friends were afraid to say something inappropriate in front of my family, and my family was just embarrassed that I went to Amsterdam.

The way I look at it, you kind of have to go there once. I was in France on my way to Germany so it was a logical stop over. Plus I've heard it's a pretty wild town. Indeed it was.

But I wasn't constantly smoking pot or perusing the red light district. It's a historic town as well, and very beautiful. I went to the Van Gogh museum, Anne Frank's House, and The Sex Museum which was a surprisingly classy place with people of all ages.

It was also a cool time to be there. The Euro 2003 Football match between Holland and Scotland took place last night. The city was full of Scots. Thousands of them, kilts, bagpipes and all. And I pose this question to you... What is funnier then thousands of drunken, stoned Scotsman? Not much hehe.

Anyways, I admit while I was there I did smoke a few joints. To state otherwise would be lying through my teeth, and everyone knows it. It's a normal thing to do there, and everyone does it... so when in Rome...

"Oh Will... you shouldn't have done that." Someone is thinking.

If you look down on someone who smokes cannabis very rarely, like myself, then you should also look down on someone who drinks alcohol occasionally. Or someone who smokes occasional. It's all bad for you, and to look down on one of them as being bad, and the others okay is dumb. None of it good.

Toured around the red light district with a girl from Australia, a dude from New Zealand, and a girl from Italy. It's the kind of thing just have to see to believe. I was pretty weirded out by it, so were the others. I mean from our stand point the whole notion of legalized, legitimized prostitution is just weird. The Scots lost the football match so many a drunken hooligan were down there trying to make up for the fact they lost. The whole thing was just weird. I mean apparently it's tightly regulated, and a lot of the women are really beautiful... but damn I don't understand why someone would choose that as a profession. I guess it pays well.

I just wanted to see the city to say that I'd been there pretty much. I met some cool girls there too... at the hostel not in the red light district hehe. Hung out with this Italian girl, Chiara most of the time I was there. She lives east of Rome, so I'm going to meet up with her when I'm down there in a few weeks.

So to sum it up. Amsterdam is crazy. And I have mixed feelings about it. But it's definately worth checking out. Because if you're into something crazy, chances are you can do it in Amsterdam.

I was going to stay another day, but somebody stole my SCARFACE T-SHIRT !!! This enraged me so much I just had to leave the city. That was my favorite shirt and some asshole stole it. Boo to that.

It was my thing too. Everywhere I went people would call me Scarface because of the shirt. I actually met a lot of cool people because of it. "Hey Scarface, I love that movie." But not any more... now I'll be forced to wear my Bruce Lee shirt. Stupid bastard... who the hell steals a shirt !

Now I am in Munich. Beer capital of the world apparently. Tomorrow I'm going to the BMW Museum, as for tonight I think I'll hit the hostel pub.

Very long post.
Good night and good grosses bier!



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